Russian translator & Russian interpreter


Please select the language service that you require from the list below and I will be happy to offer you the best possible rate.


For interpreting service the rate is usually calculated on a half or full day basis depending on your location.


For translation, the rate is charged per word of a source text and starts from £0.07 depending on the difficulty, urgency and format of the text.



There are two main types of interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous.


Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter listens to a segment of speech and then relays the meaning of it. This type of interpreting can be used for meetings, negotiations, seminars, one-to-one conversations.


Simultaneous interpreting is more complex and requires exceptional skills and experience. It is mainly used at conferences where the interpreter works in a booth and simultaneously conveys the meaning in real time.



Translation is transferring written text from one language into another. Most translations are performed by native speakers who hold relevant, recognized qualifications, have cultural and traditional awareness and possess IT skills.


Translation is priced per word of a source text. The following of the documents formats are supported:

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HTML, XML, INX ( InDesign), MIF (Frame Maker)TTX, PDF.





Transcription is converting speech into a written document. For example, you have an audio file or speech in Russian and you want to convert it into a written text in Russian then it will be the same language transcription.


The other service is foreign language transcription, which combines translation and transcription. It is when you have an audio file or speech in English and it is required to be translated and written down in Russian. The interpreter will listen to the English speech and write down what was said in Russian or the other way round. Transcription is a time consuming service as one minute of audio or video file may take 12 minutes or more.



Telephone interpreting is an easy and quick way of facilitating communication between English and non-English speakers. It can be generally used for short and basic conversations and generally not recommended and therefore should not be preferred over face-to-face interpreting. Skype video call is more suitable for meetings, discussions and talks where one or more people are present in a room and the interpreter conveys what has been said by means of Skype video conferencing. A good internet connection and relevant equipment such as headphones and a microphone are essential.